Okay, this is just fun…The folks over at The Broke and The Bookish do this every Tuesday…I’m a little late to the dance, but it sounds like fun.

 So, on to my Top Ten Turkey Table choices: 

  1. David Baldacci for writing the kinds of books my parents and I can discuss ad nauseum
  2. Gini Koch for supporting Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and the pursuit of comfortable heels
  3. Madeline L’Engle for getting me into sci-fi/fantasy
  4. Jane Yolen &
  5. Anne McCaffery for proving dragons are real
  6. Patricia Briggs for developing heroines with attitude, strength, and automobile knowledge
  7. Ilona Andrews for “Here, kitty kitty” and chicks who unabashedly kick ass
  8. Nalini Singh for creating real-world angels
  9. Orson Scott Card for Ender’s Game and the all-night discussions that followed after
  10. George Orwell for Animal Farm and 1984

 There are OODLES of other authors, living and “ghost writing”, who would be MOST WELCOME at my table…these are the first 10 I thought of.


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