A Conglomeration of Thoughts

I write today to vent the adrenaline rush on which I’ve run for the past 18 hours or so.  Yesterday, while on the phone with one of my best friends, there was an awful crashing/clattering sound and the call died.  Repeated calls back to him through the evening yielded no response.  I was borderline to deciding to drive up to the house (4 hours away) and make sure he was okay.  This morning, I called again…”oh, yeah,” he says, “the call died and I didn’t get around to calling you back.”  Yep, I almost reached through the phone to strangle him.  I (somewhat gently) explained to him the drama that ensued the evening before, and he laughed and replied, “Nope, I’m not dead or injured.”  I may have to re-invest in some Clairol or something for the extra platinum I now sport in my hair!!

In other random flickers of thought, I was caught today by a sidebar headline referencing a 67-year-old mystery involving the Hartford Circus Fire of 1944.  The story struck me hard for some reason…it felt like I could suddenly see the flames, smell the circus and the burning, feel the heat of their race up the Big Top’s body…and yet I cannot think of any time, in any classroom, where this subject was discussed.  It’s like a ground-based Hindenberg disaster.  I have never been to a circus of any kind, either…in fact, I avoid them and always have.   The stories told by the survivors are chilling.  The circus facts are interesting in their own right, too.  For instance, in US, ALL circuses use the same “emergency! all hands on deck!” signal…it’s the playing of Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever”…it is the ONLY time that tune is played in a circus environment, and it alerts the entire circus family without inciting panic in the guests.  There are several articles about the fire online, as well as images.  There is also a BEAUTIFUL memorial on the site of the fire, detailed here http://newenglandtravels.blogspot.com/2009/07/hartford-circus-fire.html .

And, in the evil world that is my addiction to books, B&N sends out their lists of “suggested titles”…and I have coupons…and now I have several more books to pick up for people for Christmas…and if I pick them up quickly, I can read them before I send them!!  Now, on to browse sites for the best prices vs hitting the store(s) with my coupon stash.


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