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Top 10 Childhood Books

Today’s Tuesday Top 10, brought to you by The Broke and The Bookish 

 So, on to my Top Ten Childhood Book choices (not in order): 

  1. The Giving Tree — Shel Silverstein
  2. The Golden Treasury of Children’s Literature — a compendium of many stories
  3. The Dark Is Rising (whole series)– Susan Cooper
  4. The Outsiders — S.E. Hinton
  5. The Book of Tall Tales & The Velveteen Rabbit (Margery Williams) — Mom read these to me
  6. The story of Ruffian — this ignited a 3-fold plan for college and career when I was about 8 — most of which was solved by others by the time I got to high school
  7. Disney’s Storybook Albums — over and over and over
  8. Mother Goose Rhymes — Pop read these to/with me…still quote them
  9. Nancy Drew Mysteries & Hardy Boys Mysteries — ND by Carolyn Keene, HB by Franklin W. Dixon (pseudonym for a slew of ghostwriters)
  10. The Black Stallion series — Walter Farley

A Poem from 5th Grade

This poem is entitled Hope, and was written by Mary O’Neil.  It was in our language arts reading book in 5th grade. I’m pulling it out of memory, so the stanzas may not be perfect.  4 of us memorized it and recited it in sections after the morning announcements one day.  I remember the 4th grade reader was entitled “A Lizard to Start With”…and no one ever batted an eye at the dangling preposition…which had the poem “Ladies and Jellyspoons”.


Hope is a climber, a brimming cup
The elevator that only goes up —
A chair lift over the drop, swinging you to the mountain top
Sunlight at the tunnel’s end
Broken spirit on the mend

Hope is the stretch you make to reach the branch that holds the perfect peach
Hope is a bird learning to fly, wobbling after many a try,
Then taking off to the giddy high
Windy blue silk summer sky

Hope is the strain beyond your strength
That adds an inch to your inward length
Hope is the moment when you jump
Up from the tumble, out of the slump

Hope is the light in the awful dark
The clear, bright-blazing, beckoning spark
That sets your feet to a runnig pace
For one little look at Her beautiful face

A Test of Will

Last week, Ilona Andrews released Fate’s Edge — third in the The Edge Series.  For probably the first time in years, I made myself NOT read the whole book in one night.  Seriously, I think that puts me in line for a minor sainthood.  There are a few authors I will buy straight out of the gate, no questions.  The team that is Ilona Andrews is one of them.  I haunt my local B&N store to the point that their own salespeople will come ask me for recommendations…which is pretty cool, and I’ve sold lots of books for them (ahem, a nice free coffee beverage would not be unwelcome recompense).  🙂

Back to the book!  I set a personal record in that it took me 3 days, only reading at home before bed, to finish the book.  I thought I was going to go nuts.  Okay, and I also blew off a website I was supposed to frame out last week, too.  Yeah, I know, bad bookworm!

The Edge series involves 3 different worlds within one reality…the Weird, the Edge, and the Broken.  Characters emerge into and out of each book from all three segments.  Their strengths as individuals only grow as they evolve across the books, with new, equally strong characters introduced into that evolution.  If you are looking for a new author to add to your addiction, check out Ilona Andrews — either series (Kate Daniels or The Edge) — will find a happy place on your shelves.

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