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In Search of Voice Control

App envy is a terrible thing.  Most of my extended family has gone the way of the Apple and taunt me with their Siri-enabled geekdom.  I remain loyal to Android, and am in search of a voice-control application to compete with theirs, especially since I spend much of my time in the car.

My search thus far has yielded two likely free candidates:  SpeakToIt and Vlingo.  These two seemed to have the best reviews from “real” users, but there is always room for other apps.

Each app will be tested for a few days to get the hang of each one.

First candidate being tested:  SpeakToIt  (

Download and install were very quick.
Good Stuff: Name recognition from within my Contacts list was very good.  And, I can turn the avatar’s “conversation” feature on and off.  The conversation feature is reflected in text on the screen, too.  Text message creation was pretty accurate.
Biggest current drawback:  no hands-free functionality/no real connectivity with bluetooth, which makes it prohibitive to use in the car.  According to the forum on SpeakToIt’s site, there is a list of future features in development, as well as a call out for beta testers.

As this week’s test goes on, this post will be updated with other things I discover.  I did also sign up to be a beta tester for the app, too.

The battery draw of this application is pretty severe, too.  I’m in an environment where the signal strength is generally very good, but the app uses so many aspects of the phone’s set up (location, contacts, etc.) that the battery life is greatly diminished on my Samsung Moment.


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